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To upload media files such as Zoom meeting recordings, follow the below procedure

Uploading the file

Navigate to Special:Upload and upload your file by clicking on the "Choose File" in the "Source File" section and then hitting the "Upload File" button at the bottom of the page.

Note that at this time, the only media formats are: mp3, M4A (audio) AND mp4 (video) files.

How to embed the video on a wiki page

Follow the following format:

<html5media height="720" width="1280">File:Example.mp4</html5media>

Note that height and width are optional, if not set, video will display in it's native resolution. Replace Example.mp4 with the name of the file that you uploaded.

If the video that you want to embed is external to the wiki, just replace "File:Example.mp4" with the full path to the video.

Direct link to video file

If you would rather have the video on a separate page instead of embedded, just create a link with the following format:


Change Example.mp4 to the file that you uploaded.