Wednesday June 24th, 2015

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Planteome Project is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

  • Who: LC, MAL, PJ, JP,
  • Not available: EA (COPO workshop)

(Others: GG, JE, DWS, EZ, ST? )

A. General Comments and Updates:


  • Any new faces?

Updates on new hires

  • New postdoc at OSU: details TBA

Workshop and travels: Elizabeth's questions

a. What will be the objective of the workshop?

b. Who will be the attendees ? data manager, ontology curators, researchers?

I propose to consider: Use of Protégé; Discussion on Traits/trait mapping; Discussion on possible annotation pipelines and test on data sets

c. Travel budget: shall we keep our travel budget for this workshop or can we use it entirely for visit to CGIAR centers on our side

B. Update from IT group- Data Store, AmiGO2- Justin Elser

  • AmiGO 2 progress
    • Fixed issue with loading both EO and TO together. Issue was that they were both trying to use the "TEMP" namespace after the conversion to OWL. Wrote a little script to fix it.
    • Wrote an importer owl file (planteome.owl) that is used when loading. We can add new ontologies simply by adding a line to the import list.
  • Git migration
    • Working on using Chris Mungall's script to migrate TO term requests from sourceforge to github.

C. Update from AISO/BisQue group- Justin Preece

  • Held two developer meetings: May 28, June 11
  • BisQue Module user interface work has begun: can load an image and mark it with polylines
  • Added a code repository for this module to Planteome Github
  • Currently working on adding more base UI functionality (background markup), the skeleton server-side graph cuts software, and demonstrating a successful round-trip processing test from Bisque client to Bisque server

D. Update from Ontologies Working Group:

Needs to be filled in...

E. Other Comments:

Next meeting Thursday Aug 20th, 2015