Thursday May 21st, 2015

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  • Who: GG, PJ, LC, MAL, JE, JP, LC
  • Not available: DWS, EZ, ST, BS, CM

A. General Comments and Updates:


  • Georgios V. Gkoutos, University of Aberystwyth, UK :
  • Marie-Angelique LaPorte (Bioversity International):

Updates on new hires

- Post-doc position at OSU- Six candidates were interviewed and an offer has been made, new person should join in late June or early July.

- Post-doc position at Aberystwyth University, UK- GG will send the advertisement to LC, and we can help circulate it- post on Planteome social media sites (blog post, FB, Twitter) and send out on mailing lists: PO discuss, OBO-discuss?, etc. - done

  • PJ suggested that we could forward to a couple of the candidates who applied for the OSU position- recent PhD's from India with bioinformatics backgrounds. - done

- Post-doc position at NYBG- No news on this yet

Plan for ontology workshop

- Involvement of Agmips, Agrovoc collaborators

Discussion about the Advisory Board


  • Ruth Bastow
  • Sandy Knapp
  • From BS: Suggest: Lynn Schriml, just named President of the Standards Consortium , (but I am not pressing on her behalf).

B. Update from IT group- Data Store, AmiGO2- Justin Elser

AmiGO 2 progress

  • Working on creating an planteome importer owl file to simplify the loading of the ontologies via the golr Makefile. Working on a catalog xml file to redirect URI in the importer OWL.
  • Troubleshooting issue with loading both the environment and trait ontologies where loading both causes the EO to disappear from AmiGO.

Git migration

  • Trait ontology has been moved to GitHub. Will move the rest after some more testing.

C. Update from AISO/BisQue group- Justin Preece:

Working Group Summary Page: Meetings and activities

New member

  • Ryan Kitchen (CS Undergrad, Sinisa Todorovic's group)
    • will be working with Xu Xu on PIA development over the summer

Software Development

Big Data + Bio-image Informatics Workshop: May 14-15, UC-Santa Barbara

  • Attended this workshop as collaborators with the iPlant Bisque group
  • JP gave an AISO software demo and talked about the Planteome project and our efforts to port AISO to iPlant Bisque
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Report

D. Update from Ontologies Working Group:

E. Other Comments:

Next meeting Wednesday June 24th, 2015