Planteome Curator workshop Fall 2015

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Note: This page is under development, so check back frequently

See link to Planteome Curation Workshop Webpage

Dates: Week of Monday, Nov. 9th to Friday Nov. 13th

  • People could arrive Sunday Nov 8th. See below for more info on the logistics
  • Who should attend? Planteome Ontology team: developers and software team and experts from various crops
    • Barry Smith- (will attend Nov 9th-10th)
    • Dennis will attend remotely on Mon Nov 9th and Tues Nov 10th
    • Chris Mungall and Seth Carbon
    • Marie-Angelique LaPorte
    • LC, JE, AM
  • Not able to attend: Elizabeth, George and John
  • Will invite the CO curators who are interested, can have another session at the PAG meeting for those who cannot attend

Goals and Agenda of the meeting

1. Strategic Planning

  • Goal: Form a strategic plan on how to build each ontology and how they fit together in the Planteome
  • Who: Core Ontology Working Group:
    • PJ, LC, AM, JE, DWS, CM, BS, EA, MAL, GG, SC

2. GitHub, TermGenie and Protege Training

  • Lead by Chris Mungall, Marie-Angelique can assist
  • Goal: Train curators in using the GitHub Repositories and Protege software for ontology curation - collect their feedback
  • Jenkins and Continuous integration
  • Who: Ontology Curators
    • Planteome team: LC, AM, MAL, NYBG postdoc?, GG postdoc?, OSU undergrad students- Megan and Ethan
    • Any of the CO curators are ready to be involved in ontology development

3. Ontology Curation and Data Annotation

  • Planteome Vision: Distributed ontology development and maintenance
  • Wants a group of ontology developers to meet face-to-face
  • Get curators together for some hands-on development and Data Annotation
  • Possible Ontology Developers- collaborators to be included based on areas of focus- maybe a dedicated group for each crop group?
    • legumes- soybean, Medicago (Rex Nelson), peanut, lentils (Scott Kalber)
    • tubers- cassava (Afola Agbona, IITA), potato (Reinhard Simon) and sweet potato (Vilma Huela): both from CIP
    • wheat, rice and
    • maize Mary Schaeffer


  • Location: Oregon State University Corvallis- plan to fly into Portland (PDX) ~1.5hrs drive, or Eugene (EUG) ~ 50 mins drive


  • On campus housing is available in dorm-style suites at Bloss Hall (on-campus)
  • Private room with shared bathroom facility (separate men's and women's).

Other info

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